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03 June 2007 @ 02:25 pm
Change back-[fanfic]-  

Title: Second chance
Chapter(s): 1/?
Author: hotguys_freak    
Rating: PG
Paring(s): Sparrington, Will/Eliazbeth
Warning(s): Well, I think the grammar is pretty bad... Other than that there is no warning for now..
Summary: If there is chance to turn everything back, would you do it? James got a second chance to change back everything... 



  Ps.  I was tired from writing this fanfic, and as you read on you probably going to notice... I work hard to write this, and hope you guys like it.... ^^

Also I am looking for beta reader. I need someone to beta for me... ^^    

James stood alone, knowing that his judgment day finally arrived. He knew where he was heading; he knows what he had done. James looked around his surrounding area, and only saw lands without any ocean or even a small drop of water. The bright sun shined down at James, and he felt nothing. No heat, nor thirst. He couldn’t feel anything, even his own. His body was good as numb; he was no longer capable to feel anything.

James smiled, ‘Better than pain I suppose.’ He thought bitterly. He knew one day he would die from serving his duty, but it tasted bitter than sweet as he imagine.

“Are you lost, sweetheart?” The lusty female voice appeared behind James. He quickly turned around, but he saw nothing.

“I think heat is getting to me…” James murmured. He quickly turned around and there was a strange woman standing front of him. “AH!” James yelled, but it was sort and sweet.

“No darling. There is no way anyone would get a heat stoke here.” She said with playful tone. She was wearing loosen white dress with a red shawl around her arms. “Then there is no way I would carry this thing with me, don’t you agree?” She asked as she pushed her tied up brown hair back.

James’ eyebrows raised, and shook her head. “I am hallucinating, clearly from this dreadful misery.” James said and walked passed by her.

“Now, do you really think I am a hallucination?” She asked, still staying in same tone.

“Yes.” James answered, “So basically, I am talking to myself.” James said; he sound a bit irritated.

The woman smiled, “Honey, I am no hallucination.”

James frowned, “If so, then please leave me alone.” James said irritably. He just turned around and walked away from her; he had enough with non sense…

“No, I won’t.” The woman said as she shook her head.

James narrowed his eyebrows deeply, and he swiftly turned around. “If you-” James said dangerously, but he stopped as he saw no one. “I knew I was hallucinating…” James said bitterly.

“No, no you are not.”

James jumped up from his feet, “What in the name of!” James screamed, as he could feel his heart beating faster. “Who the hell are you?”

“Oh, I am…. just a woman who seeks some entertainment.” She replied.

James slowly raised his eyebrow. “Yap, I am hallucinating.” He quickly turned around and walked away.

“Why would I be a hallucination?” Woman asked, as she appeared next to James.

“When did you?” James asked, but he just shook his head. “Never mind…”

“James, I know I am beautiful woman you ever saw, but I am not a hallucination.” Woman said.

James laughed, “Oh please, I saw much prettier woman than yourself.”
The woman stopped walking, and watching James walking away. “You mean Elizabeth?” Woman asked emotionlessly.

James suddenly stopped, “You know her?” he asked, but before she could reply, he cut in. “Wait, you’re my hallucination. Of course you know her.”

The woman frowned, “Jamie dear, when are you going to stop calling me a hallucination?” She asked.

James smiled, “When you prove to me you are not a hallucination.” James said. “Unfortunately, you are not doing a good job.”

“How am I going to prove it to you?” she asked as she smiled. “Beside, what’s wrong with me being a hallucination? I just want to talk to you.”

“If I talk to you, it will just prove I’m going crazy.” James said.

“But, you are talking with me right now, aren’t you?” She questioned.

James frowned, but this time he didn’t reply.

“James, lets talk, pretty please? What could you possibly lose?”

James sighed, she was right… He is dead, what could possibly go wrong?

“So what do you want to talk about?”

Woman smiled, “About everything, and anything James.” The woman slowly walked toward James. “Jack Sparrow died, went down with his ship…”

“I know…” James replied.

“He was brought back alive, with his beloved Pearl.”


She smiled. “Elizabeth married William, and Jack Sparrow help killing Davy Jones….”

“Oh, well… Good for them.”

“William became Captain of Flying Dutchmen...”

“Really, why?”

“Flying Dutchmen always need a Captain.”

“Is that so important?”

The woman stopped walking, “Yes, it is… Flying Dutchmen is guide to the lose souls at the sea.”

“Oh… So William and Elizabeth are bond to the sea?”

“No, only William, since he killed the Davy Jones… And for Elizabeth, she has to wait for him every ten years.”

“What? Ten years?” James asked as the woman finally reached him.

“Yes, that’s the curse that William has to carry on… He has only one day to meet his wife every ten years… Poor fellow, doesn’t it?” She asked emotionlessly.

“Yes, I guess… Poor Elizabeth, wish there is anything I could do…” James said bitterly.

Woman turned her head toward James, “You will? If you could do something, you will do something about it?” She asked seriously.

James raised the eyebrow, “yes, I would.”

She smiled sweetly, “You will, don’t you? You are good man, you have good soul. You will do anything for you care for don’t you?” She kept on questioning him.

James sighed, “I am not a good man… I sold myself for pride, and now I died… I haven’t done anything to save the love one; I think I made everything worse…” James smiled bitterly.

“What if I can give you a chance to change everything? What if I can give you the second chance?” She asked as she got close to James’s personal space.


“James, I am asking you if you want a second chance.”

James walked away from her, “Yes, I would want a second chance. Who doesn’t?”

She smiled again, but this time much wider. “James, what if I can give you that chance?”

James walked away from her, “Excuse me?”

Woman frowned, “James, I am willing to give you a change, the chance that you deserve.”

James walked way from her, “I am hallucinating, and I knew I should just have ignored it in first place.” James said.

The woman walked to James and held on tight to James’ arms. “James, you died… You lost your lover and lost the pirate in a same day. Then you lost your pride as well as your crews for one pirate. Then you sold yourself to a man and became a puppet… Now, looking at you James… You died, for what? Nothing…”

James frowned, but his eyes turn into sadness.

“James… I am more than willing to help you.” The woman said, but James lowered his head. “You are a good man, and if you let me, I will help you.” She said as she tried to look at James’ eyes.

James pushed her off, “Then what? Sell my soul? I will still be a puppet.”

“No James, I don’t want your soul. I don’t want any of slave sort of things.” The woman smiled, “But like I said before, I want to be entertained.”

James looked at her eyes, wanting to believe her. James quickly soon shook his head. “No, this is just a fake.”

Woman frowned, “No, this is not. James, this is real!” The woman yelled out with frustration. “James… If this fake, what’s wrong making a deal? If you don’t believe this, what is wrong with making a simple deal? If I am a hallucination, there is no harm done.”

James looked at her, and wondered if she was right… If this was real, if it is, it means there is still a chance of him to change back… The love life, the marriage, and his career... Everything that he cared for, this is the final chance to change back.

If this is a fake, than there is nothing loose… He is dead; there is nothing is left for him to lose…

Something inside of James believed this were all fake, but he some part of him wanted to believe this was real and some how God gave him a second chance.

James sighed and looked up at the woman’s face. “What do I have to do?” He asked desperately.

The woman smiled kindly, “Just say ‘yes’, James. That’s all you need to say.”

“If I say it, than what will happen to me?” James asked.

“Nothing, you will just entertain me. No harm, no pain, and definitely no selling soul of yours.” The woman said sweetly.

James nodded his head, “Okay…”

“Say it, James.”

“… Yes.” James said slowly.

The woman smiled, and let her red shawl down to the floor. She slowly placed her hands on his face. “James, close your eyes.” She ordered. James closed his eyes as he was told. Then she kissed James’ forehead and whispered, “Good luck.”

James still closed his eyes tightly; somehow he felt his eyes were heavier than before. He felt slight of headache as he could feel hard surface on his forehead. James moaned as he could feel his muscle burning. He felt his world just turn upside down, yet he was too tired to move a finger.

“Sir, are you alright?” Familiar voice rang through his ears. It sounded a bit Gillette…

“Commander, are you alright?” The familiar voiced asked again, and this time he gently shook James’ shoulder.

James frowned, Commander? He slowly forced himself to open his heavy eyes, and saw a familiar desk fill with papers. James managed to push head up and looked at his surrounding area. It was large, of course, and there were lots bookcase fill with books. Then there was big map and the sword when he received during his promotion…Oh lord, he is back to his old office…

“Is everything alright, sir?” familiar voice asked, and James turned around to see who it was.

“Lieutenant Gillette?” James said as he saw live Gillette standing front of his desk with confuse look on his face.

“Yes sir, do you need anything?”

James just shook his head as his face turn into a stone. How, and just how did this happen? He clearly remembered Gillette’s corpse drowning. Is he really alive? Was that all just a dream?

“Commander, I believe you’re exhausted from yesterday. You should get some rest, before the big day tomorrow.” Gillette said as he looked at confused James.

“Tomorrow?” James asked as he raised both of his eyebrows.

“The execution of Jack Sparrow, don’t you remember sir?” Gillette asked as his eyebrows rose.

“Oh,” James nodded his head. Jack Sparrow hanging? Is this some kind of dream?

Gillette smiled, “You must have forgotten about Sparrow, since your engagement with Miss Swan.”

James eyes opened wide shock, marriage? This must be a dream, this must be…

“Are you alright, sir?” Gillette asked as he noticed nebulous look on James’ face.

James nodded his head, “Yes, I’m fine. Just bit hazy from what had been happened.” James said as he held his forehead with his right hand.

“I know what you mean, sir. Undead pirates, it is hard to snap out of.” Gillette said as he lost himself with his memories.

“Undead pirates?” James asked. “Lieutenant Gillette, did you just say undead pirates?” He asked.

Gillette raised an eyebrow, “Yes sir. You agreed to save Mr. Turner for engagement gift for Miss Swan. Don’t you remember sir?”

“No, no, no…” James said as shook his head. James looked up Gillette and managed a weak smile. “Yes, I do remember. I’m just tired from yesterday.” James replied. Maybe this is all just a dream, and he will end up waking up… Or, maybe everything else was just a dream and he just woke up from nightmare…

“No James, this is not a dream…We had a deal remember?” The woman’s voice rang through his mind.

“Sir, if you are tired, you should get some rest.” Gillette said and snapped James out of his thoughts.

James nodded his head, “I will, but I am going to finish… some paper work before I leave.”

Gillette nodded his head as he understood James wanted to left alone. “Then good night sir.” Gillette said as he turned around and left the room.

When James heard the door closed, he lowered his head, ‘Holy hell, I’m back in time!’ James shouted in his mind.


A/N : I'm sorry if this is bad, but I thought I should post something since no one is posting anything... If you guys didn't like it, I will not post this fanfic. 
But I am still looking for beta reader. I want this fanfic to have at least good grammar.



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