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12 June 2007 @ 04:43 pm

Hello everyone. ^^


I own a group in Yahoo. It calls “Uke_Norrington”

I decided to have contest, and when I did post the contest, no one join.


Thankfully some people decided to join, so I decided to redo the contest.

I am not sure anyone in this community is willing to do so, but it would be a lot fun there are more people joining the contest.


The winner will receive “The Best Awkward FanFiction Award”

I know that title is weird, but I couldn’t think any good one…

So please ignore the horrible title and just join in.^^


There are few requirements, but I think anyone can do it. So please join in!!!~




*Genre and parings are picked by me. So, sorry, but this is a contest.*


As any other writing contest, I will be the judge, but I will ask few of my friends to help select the best of the best. ^^


The winner will receive the “The Best Awkward FanFiction Award”

(Like I said before, it is hard to find good names…)




Paring: William Turner / James Norrington

Genre: Angst

Chapters: One Shot

The Due date: Since people missed out because of short amount of date, or they find the news in short time, I make sure it will be longer.


            The Contest start next week, June 19, 2007 until June 30, 2007.

            So anyone who wants to join, you better start now.


When you post, make sure you place the [Challenge]


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