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Uke Norrington: Bottom of the relationship!
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This community is dedicated of slash parings of James Norrington in Pirate of Caribbean(POTC).

Hopfully everyone know about James Norrington, and what is uke means.
(Uke- the person who is the bottom of the relationship.)

As the name of the community, Uke_Norrington, I hope everyone understand what means...
This community only accept the slash of James Norrington, while James is the bottom.

It doesn't matter what happen to James, as long as he is the bottom of the relationship. Mpreg, non-con, drug, and even death are allowed...
So make sure you make James is the uke in the relationship.

There is a few guideline I want all the memeber to follow...

First of all- posting a fanfic.
Fanfiction are important part of this community, and hope everyone at least post one fanfiction.
There is guideline that everyone use when they post a fanfic...


Please use all of them, and all the time.

Second- Please use the tag. It is much easier to find fanfiction that way.
So when you are posting a fanfic, please use tag. And only use the main paring's names. EXAMPLE: Norrington, Will
And also use the "/" as well.
EXAMPLE: Will/Norrington. (Make sure it is seme/uke -Top/Bottom-)

Third of all- Make sure you use the tag on everything else as well. If is is news, than use News. Also it is about fanfic, use fanfic.

Be creative, and post anything you like. If you want to post fanfic, use the same guideline for fanfic. ^^

Finally, be nice to everyone's work. Other than that there is nothing more to say.
Enjoy the Uke_Norrington and hope you guys enjoy the community.

If you have any question, please contact hotguys_freak